Dubrovnik, Croatia – April 2015

Dubrovnik captured not only my heart buy my soul…it is the place that has been calling me since I left. Its really difficult to explain why, I guess it must be a combination of rich history, beautiful buildings and gorgeous ocean views. It is the perfect holiday destination for me…it has everything I could wish for…and the best thing, the streets are lined with ice cream shops. Between myself and my husband, we have have tried at least 20 different flavours in 4 days!

In terms of the best time to go, according to the locals May or September, as the weather is still nice but it is not as busy as most of the tourists have left. We were there in April and the weather was sunny & warm…I had to go buy some sandals as I didn’t have any.

It is a city that has probably become more popular because of Game of Thrones, but I still think it is a bit of a hidden treasure and worth visiting.