Keukenhof, Netherlands – April 2015

I am flower crazy, I just love to photograph them. They are not only so beautiful but also come in so many different colours. So you can just imagine how excited I was to be in Amsterdam during tulip season…and one thing all the travel blogs say, is that if you are in Amsterdam at this time, you need to go through to Keukenhof for the day. And, I can’t agree more, it is such an experience to see the beautiful gardens that are precisely designed in specific patterns to wow your senses.

Each year the garden has a different theme, when we were there in 2015, the theme was Van Gogh, as it had been 125 years since his death. So they had a display made up of flower petals in the same design as his self portrait painting.


  • Get there as early as you can, it gets really busy quickly.
  • Allow for 2 – 3 hours to really appreciate the gardens, and if you are crazy like me and like to photograph all the flowers, then you will be there 3 hours.
  • take some cash for a treat or two –  I can highly recommend going to the food section at the other side and get yourself a freshly made stroopwafel – you won’t be sorry – this is the Dutch’s answer to should I have a waffle or should I have a biscuit – it’s the perfect marriage between the two and it is filled with a caramel syrup which is soooo good!